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The Spiritual Badass

Oct 18, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Katie Williams and I dive deep into reclaiming personal power, reconnecting with our desires, and challenging societal expectations.

Both Katie and I grew up internally challenging Catholic religious beliefs. They each found their own way into connecting with God, Spirit and exploring their truths while setting aside the dogmas of organized religion.

Feeling like you have to show up as the mentor who is this version who is healed, has herself together, and doesn’t need anyone is a massive detriment to yourself and your clients. Feeling confident enough to ask for the help you need or want brings you back into alignment with yourself and your goals so much faster. It also alleviates the need always to KNOW what you are supposed to do; it allows you to surrender, accept help and move forward without the constant mindeffery.

The importance of taking responsibility for our healing. Empowerment lies in being in charge of our own healing and growth journey, embracing your power, and exploring and finding what works for you.

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