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The Spiritual Badass

Oct 17, 2023

In this episode, the incredible Jani Clark, sharing deep insights and wisdom on the transformative power of self-love and personal growth.

⭐️ Jani opens up about her journey of overcoming addiction, codependency, and a difficult marriage, all while embracing the learning to become her own best friend.

⭐️ We shed light on how personal growth and processing can accelerate and shift our gifts, leading us to new heights of empowerment.

⭐️ Mental health, healing from past traumas, and the significance of self-care take center stage as Jani shares their own experiences and offers tools to create a safe haven within ourselves.

⭐️ We touch on powerful techniques such as breathwork, energy healing, hypnosis, and reconnecting with our higher selves.

⭐️ We discuss the ability to connect with others' emotions, combined with personal growth, that has allowed us to hold space for deep emotional breakthroughs.

⭐️ We would love to know! 👉 🚨Are you ready to take charge of your life, step into your personal power, and become your own best friend?

"By becoming your own best friend...Becoming that yourself is how then you can see the shifts and changes in other people...I change an internal belief system of that I am worthy and I am deserving unless I start repelling people who don't value me, And they start to fall like flies out of my life." — Jani Clark

Jani Clark is a hypnotherapist, mindfulness teacher, and author. She lives outside of Austin, Texas, with her son. She is passionate about helping her clients alchemize their pain into personal power through hypnosis and breathwork.

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