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The Spiritual Badass

Jun 28, 2023

Spiritual Coaching - Helping people to connect to their intuition and self-care = Spiritual Therapist

Get ready to feel empowered and spiritually enlightened with this episode of The Spiritual Badass! In EP 56, I sit down with Brandi Rahim and chat about her fascinating journey from therapist to intuitive doula, how to tune into your intuition, and how healing can be a transformative journey toward inner peace and mental freedom.

Gain insights into the connection between mental health and spirituality: Brandi is a licensed therapist who incorporates spiritual practices into her therapy sessions, such as channeling messages and EMDR to help clients heal from trauma. She uses various methods, such as body movement, Reiki, and dietary changes, to help her clients grow spiritually and connect with their intuition. If you want to learn about the connection between mental health and spirituality, this episode is valuable.

So, kick back, relax, and join us in this enlightening conversation with Brandi Rahim, available now on all podcast platforms.


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