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The Spiritual Badass

May 6, 2022

Learning to be present in your body, being safe in your body, understanding how you are perfect and that it’s safe to show up in your life, spiritual work, and business as you are. 

We discuss that the witch wounds run deep and it is becoming more known and understood. Learning to break the old paradigm, showing up as your unique, powerful self, and embracing all the witch traits you feel called to explore. 

This episode is full of insightful and powerful discussions on: 

🤯 How do your spiritual gifts add to your life

🤯 How do spirit and your intuitive connection actually help in the healing and life transformation process

🤯 Shutting off the feminine side

🤯 Even when things feel like they are crumbling it allows you to rise, grow and rediscover who you are and what you are meant to be

🤯 Feel what you feel when you feel it

🤯 Allowing yourself to feel

🤯 Stepping into a new world

🤯 It’s safe to embrace and step into your power

Amanda Marcott is an Oracle + Mystical Badass that uses pop culture to translate the esoteric and quantum realm into human terms. Her main focus is empowering women to step into their own divine feminine and give societal standards the middle finger.

She does this through micro conversations on TikTok @TheMysticalBadass, as well as her mentorship group The Rebel Soul Sisterhood (soon to be a convenient app), and one-to-one guidance for her Goddess Clan Inner Circle.

Find Erin on Instagram and let me know how today’s show resonated.